AGA Cookers Review

AGA Cookers: These are top of the line and very expensive appliances and are favored by the likes of Martha Stuart and Paul McCartney. Designed in 1922 and first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1929, an AGA Cooker is a cast-iron, gas-fueled, enamel-glazed cooking stove that uses non-drying radiant heat to gently cook food, often in less time than a traditional stove. In cooking, the absorption of radiant heat seals the surface, allowing food to retain its natural flavors and moisture. This radiant heat is very forgiving and the gentle, heat in each oven is very constant. This makes it much less critical that food is removed at an exact moment. This is why AGA is called “forgiving.”

There are only 2 burners or “hotplates” as they call them, one for simmering and one for boiling which is basically a way of saying one is very hot and one is a bit cooler. You can fit several pans on each burner. Plus you can do so many techniques with this one appliance. You can roast, grill, broil, toast, griddle, etc. and they come with one large and one half-size roasting tin, two grill racks, two oven grid shelves, a plain shelf, a tea pot, a wire brush, the AGA toaster, and a grill pan. If you are one of the lucky who can afford this multi-tasker, I wager to bet you will never go back to a conventional range.

They do have traditional Ranges as well either in gas or electric with the regular style burners on top. There are a few refrigerator options to match and even dishwashers. And when I say match, I mean match any of the numerous colors you can get AGA Cookers in. AGA appliances are an investment and one that will last you forever and keep you cooking happily and creatively for years to come. And it’s a conversation piece as well. Happy cooking!