Bosch Review

Bosch Appliances:
Bosch is the perfect example of German engineering for a mid range product. They have an obsession with performance and efficiency. They have long been known for the quietest dishwashers, so much so that everyone has tried to copy them. A few have succeeded but they were the first to perfect this. Their ranges and stove tops  have a high BTU of 18,000 for an extra high heat and an extra low simmer function (opti-sim) to 400 BTU’s that really gives you a low simmer low enough for melting chocolate without scorching (assuming you don’t walk the dog while doing it). I think all of their gas ranges and cooktops have the continuous grates which make it easy to fit a lot of pans at once. They have the new (ish) Induction technology as well which I have really yet to experience so I am hesitant to rate it.

Bosch is the parent company to Thermador and Gaggenau. As far as price , Bosch is considered the mid-range line while Thermador and Gaggenau are somewhat more expensive respectively. But I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. It’s all in what your budget can afford and what you want your appliance to do (or look like). Bosch will give you a great “home cook” kitchen while the upgraded lines may give you more of a chef or pro chef experience. All in all I think that Bosch is a great choice in appliance companies.