Dacor Review

Dacor appliances were founded in Northern California in 1965 when the Joseph family,  who owned and operated a small  local appliance store since 1933, decided to expand on their passion for cooking and invention. The  Josephs innovative thinking led to the invention of many of the industries “firsts” including the 1st 30″ convection oven, drop-in cooktop with continuous grates, indoor electric grill and most importantly the 1st  kitchen ventilation system. They also to my knowledge have the only 30″ dish washer to date. They are American made and family owned and for this I take my hat off to them. Keep the jobs here!

They have three  levels (series) which allows them to appeal to various levels of cooking types.  The Discovery Series, The Renaissance Series and the Distinctive Series in order of most to least expensive. What I find is nice is that the handles are the same with two of the series (the Distinctive and the Renaissance) so you can mix and match and the handles will be the same….. if you need that kind of thing.

First is the Discovery Series that appeals to the ultimate (I guess I like that word) or gourmet home chef with a taste of luxury. I love this series. It is their only series that has a 48″ and a 60″ range as well as a 30″ and 36″ duel fuel. They have the high 18,000 BTU burners as well as extra low simmer. The oven has what they call a Rapid Heat bake element on the bottom  that doesn’t need to pre-heat through typical steel and porcelain which allows for faster pre-heating, even cooking temperatures and a larger interior space. They also have one of the largest viewing windows on the market which I love. Their new illuminated burner controls are cool too. They have a ring of LED blue light that goes on when the knob is turned on so you can see that a burner is on even if it’s in it’s low simmer function where you can’t really see the flames. The Discovery series ranges all have an LED digital tilt out panel. I’m not a big fan of this particular feature but it would not be a deal breaker if I was in the market for a new range. This series is the only series of Dacor that has a built-in refrigerator and has  42″ and  48″ and only come in the side by side style.

The second series is called the Renaissance Series and appeals to culinary enthusiasts and has a nice elegant feel. This series only offers up to a 36″ range and 36″ free standing fridge but has most of the cool features of the Distinctive. It has the illuminated burner controls and only has knobs on the ranges (which I like better).  The only style fridge they offer in this series is the 36″ french door free standing style.

The third and last series in this line is the Distinctive Series. This line is priced right and will appeal to most home cooks. It’s pretty, affordable and probably cooks just as well as the others. They do not have a refrigerator in this series but the handles are a sleek hidden type so the handles on either the Discovery or the Renaissance will work nicely. I would opt for the higher end series for cooking and refrigeration and go with this for dishwashing, microwave and warming drawers and you will have a nicely appointed kitchen that is affordable and all in the same line (if that matters to you).

So all in all  Dacor’s exclusive features and passion for quality, performance and craftsmanship are just a few of the details that make Dacor one of my favorites.