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Electrolux…… Oh how they have changed. It used to be that Electrolux appliances looked better than they performed. We used to call them the “sexy” appliance. They looked like they had all the bells and whistles but when it came time to use them, well let’s just say they left a lot to be desired. Not any more! The Electrolux line gave themselves a much needed overhaul a few years back and now I think they stand among the best of the mid range…. home cook….. type of appliances. They still have all the bells and whistles and look very “sexy” but these functions actually work well now. They do not have a huge variety of styles and levels in their line so deciding on the perfect model is easier than ever.

The wall ovens have a virtual “chef” right inside them. I swear! You can type in what you are cooking and how much it weighs. It will ask you how you like your meat cooked and then tell you how long and at what temperature to cook it. Their wall ovens are I think by far their most impressive appliance because of this. They have the easy glide racks on all the racks as a standard …. not just one…. like most manufacturers which I think is a plus. Electrolux ovens have some interesting new features that I think are handy like the new Luxury Hold oven doors that stay in place anywhere you leave them. In other words the door does not slam shut or fall open if you leave it mid way open. It stays put. They also have what they call Wave Touch controls which is where they have all the cooking details for you to choose from.

Electrolux keeps it simple by not offering a huge range of sizes. They have the basic 27″ and 30″ wall ovens (not 33″ or 36″), they only have a french door and side by side refrigerator in 36″ widths but both come in counter depth (23 cu. ft.) and standard depth (28 cu. ft.) options and all are about 70″ tall. But they do have a full kitchens worth of appliances to choose from including a full refrigerator and full freezer option in a 32″ width, under counter ice maker, beverage centers, cook tops, ranges, compactors, warming drawers, wine coolers, dishwashers and microwaves. They keep it simple by offering only 1 or 2 sizes/styles of each. All in all a compliment to any good kitchen design…….and a pretty good bang for your buck! And who can argue with Kelly Ripa?

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  1. I recently purchased(21st march 2014) the Electrolux EBP163 refrigerator but it sounds on auto-cutoff.The problem was there from the first day itself. When i complained to the customer care the somehow replaced it with a new one but again the replaced unit is having the same problem. Now no one is listening to the complaint and the customer care people keeps cancelling the complaint given.

    I suggest do not buy any electrolux product.

  2. I think Electrolux appliances are waist of money they are just a rip off, I personally stay away from them

  3. Like Ellen, we also remodeled our kitchen and got a good deal on four Electrolux appliances: a counter-depth refrigerator, double wall ovens, a combination radiant heat/induction cooktop, and a dishwasher, all the Wave technology. The dishwasher sucked from the beginning, unable to get dishes clean due to bad design and was eventually replaced under our extended warranty with a KitchenAid that is fantastic. Sears did than, not Electrolux. The leds on the ovens have had to be repaired twice, an element burned out, the refrigerator’s water dispenser had to be repaired, and now our cooktop is screwed up and being repaired if Electrolux can ever get its head out of its *ss and send the correct repair parts to our service technician. I will NEVER buy another Electrolux product, you couldn’t melt one down and pour it on me.

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  5. Hi Mr. freeze. It sounds as if you have had some luck with repairs but there are too mnay of them for one appliance. I may have reconsidered my good (not great) review here. Does anyone out there have good reviews on Electrolux products?

  6. Thanks Ellen. I appreciate your comments and reviews. It seems there have been more problems with Electrolux lately and maybe I need to go back to my previous review that they are not as good as they look. So sorry for your issues.

  7. I’m having the same issue with the fridge as both Peter and James, and find the best solution is to just turn off the ice maker, and let it that out for a day or two after it freezes up, than turn it back on. This solves the issue for a few weeks to a month. Another time it just wouldn’t make any ice, and the tech updated the software which solved the issue, and mentioned to enure the bottom freezer was fully closed. I also remember that he changed a part or the entire ice unit, but can’t remember which since I made the wife cover the repair bill since she wanted the fridge in the first place.

  8. I have a kitchen that I remodeled during the summer of 2012 with four Wave Series Electrolux appliances. Without hesitation, I can say they are the WORST appliances I have had in a kitchen. I have contacted the corporaate offices after contacting my local seller. I have been told these appliances are up to manufacturing standards. After repeated calls to customer service and repeated service calls for two out of the four appliances, I am contacting Consumer Fraud. I will never purchase another Electrolux product.

  9. The Electrolux French door refrigerator with the ice and water in the door hasn’t work in over 6 months. The tech has been out to my house twice and said that he can’t fix it and that I am on my own. He said you cannot fix a bad design. The Electrolux distributor where I purchased all of my appliances has also been useless, he just refers us to the repair company. This will be the most expensive garage refrigerator in my neighborhood. The first time that the ice maker froze up, they said that we didn’t have enough food in the refrigerator, the second time that it froze up, they said we had too much food in the refrigerator, they also said that the air filter could also be the problem, the replacements also do not fit well. Electrolux is junk.

  10. Hi James, I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy. Thank you for you open and honest comments as this helps me better understand and review these appliances. I thought they had gotten better. Was this a recent purchase or something you have had for a while?

  11. My Electrolux side by side is the worst appliance I have ever purchased. It is poorly built, the electronics don’t last and need to be replaced. Their contracted service provider said “what do you expect?” when they came to fix a problem. What we expect is a quality appliance that works not a cute Kelly dancing around the house. I warn everyone I know not to buy an Elecrolux product based on their service and dependability.

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