Glass Cabinet Doors…. Open Up Your Space

Glass cabinet doors open up your space while giving it a more upgraded feel.

Another idea to make your kitchen striking if you can’t fathom not having wall cabinets….. or just plain need the storage…. is to try glass front cabinets in as many wall cabinets as possible. I know, all my clients say “but then I have to keep my cabinets neat or all my junky stuff will show”. Well, since you are spending the money to upgrade your kitchen, most likely your cabinets and appliances, why not your dishes too? In the big picture of the cost of your remodel, this will be maybe 1-2% of the cost of your remodel unless of course fine china is your everyday choice (but if that’s the case, you don’t have the issue of your stuff looking messy now do you?). With new dinnerware and glasses, just stack them with like sizes (which is the obvious storage system anyway) and voila!……. your plates are organized and look great through the glass. Crate & Barrel has a huge variety of shapes and sizes in what they call whitewares plus lots of colorful serving pieces so you can  throw in a splash of accent color and show off  those beautiful new glass door cabinets….. with your new dinnerware.

The look of glass cabinets helps open up the space and elevates it to a higher end look. You can always opt for obscure glass or totally opaque glass as well but I like something clear with a bit of detail depending on the style of your kitchen of course.  You can and probably should opt for some interior lighting as well in these cabinets as this takes the look to an even better level. If you are totally remodeling, then this should be discussed with the contractor a head of time.

If ordering new cabinets don’t forget to have the interior of these cabinets finished either the same color wood as the cabinets or white if you have chosen a painted finish in any color. You can also get fun and opt for a different colored interior. This really draws the eyes back and makes the space feel more open. If you are using opaque glass or even lightly frosted this may not be necessary but think it through first. It’s harder and therefor more costly to finish the interior with a stain if you end up choosing a clear glass option.

This feature can also be a DIY quick fix if you are not financially ready to remodel but need a fresh look now! Take the cabinet doors off and if you are handy with tools you can use a router and/or a skillsaw or jigsaw and cut out the interior panel leaving the lip if there is one so the glass can rest in it. Then take your doors to a glass shop and have them fitted with glass. There are so many styles to choose from and this will run you anywhere from around $50 per door (or less for plain glass) to $150 per door all depending on the size and type of glass you choose. If you are not handy with tools, take your doors off and find a local cabinet maker and have them do it. See my article  Cabinet Quick fix for more info. Then you can  paint the interior of your cabinet either to match your cabinets or a fun accent color that shows your personality for more appeal.

The basic idea here is to give relief to the eye. When the upper cabinets are all the same and there are no glass cabinets, open shelves or display areas, the space feels closed in and quite frankly a bit bland if you ask me. I know it takes getting used to having your everyday wear on display but the change will be well worth the effort of keeping those dishes just a bit neater inside your new cabinets. I have only been able to get about 20% of my clients to take this design route but when they do…… it’s magic, and they love it!