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Electrolux Appliances Review

Electrolux…… Oh how they have changed. It used to be that Electrolux appliances looked better than they performed. We used to call them the “sexy” appliance. They looked like they had all the bells and whistles but when it came time to use them, well let’s just say they left a lot to be desired. Not any more! The Electrolux line gave themselves a much needed overhaul a few years back and now I think they stand among the best of the mid range…. home cook….. type of appliances. They still have all the bells and whistles and look very “sexy” but these functions actually work well now. They do not have a huge variety of styles and levels in their line so deciding on the perfect model is easier than ever. Continue reading Electrolux Appliances Review

Appliances: Do they need to match?

The question I am always asked, as someone who does not stand to make a profit from my clients purchases, “do all my appliances need to match (from the same company)? Well, my opinion is that an appliance is just that…..an appliance. It’s a work horse and should be the function part of your new kitchen. They are not decorative pieces. Get the appliances that work best for you! And yes if you have just always wanted that Wolf Range but the other Wolf appliances and/or it’s sister company Sub Zero’s refrigerator just doesn’t fit into your budget, then mix and match!

And if that means…….. A KitchenAid dishwasher Continue reading Appliances: Do they need to match?