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DIY Kitchen Remodel Guide

So……you are planning a complete remodel or an addition to make your kitchen grand. Well the first place to start is with the design. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, don’t go tearing out your walls and cabinets until you have everything planned. This is the phase where it pays to hire a designer who can help draw up the plans. If they do CAD (computer aided design) with 3D renderings, even better. This way, you can see how your ideas will look and work before you get started. Kitchen designers do this day in and day out so they can help you avoid common mistakes. Mistakes cost time and money. Better to pay a few bucks for a professional kitchen design, and get it right the first time, than to waste time and materials (money) and have all the headaches that come with the mistakes. (go to the how I can help you tab to inquire about hiring me to help with your layout and design) Continue reading DIY Kitchen Remodel Guide