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Glass Cabinet Doors…. Open Up Your Space

Glass cabinet doors open up your space while giving it a more upgraded feel.

Another idea to make your kitchen striking if you can’t fathom not having wall cabinets….. or just plain need the storage…. is to try glass front cabinets in as many wall cabinets as possible. I know, all my clients say “but then I have to keep my cabinets neat or all my junky stuff will show”. Well, since you are spending the money to upgrade your kitchen, most likely your cabinets and appliances, why not your dishes too? In the big picture of the cost of your remodel, this will be maybe 1-2% of the cost of your remodel unless of course fine china is your everyday choice (but if that’s the case, you don’t have the issue of your stuff looking messy now do you?). With new dinnerware and glasses, just stack them with like sizes (which is the obvious storage system anyway) and voila!……. your plates are organized and look great through the glass. Crate & Barrel Continue reading Glass Cabinet Doors…. Open Up Your Space