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The origin of the word Kitchen

Have you ever wondered why all the other rooms in your house are labeled with the activity that takes place in them…. except the Kitchen!  The bed room has a bed in it, the dining room is where you dine, the bathroom is where you bathe, the play room is where you play and the living room is where you live (well, I live in the kitchen mostly but that’s just me).

Why is the kitchen not called the cooking room? Where did that word come from? The answer is the same as the origin of most words…. from Latin. The Old Latin word (that you can only find in a Latin dictionary) is coquere meaning “to cook”. Then that translated in many languages from Old English, Cycene, to kichene in Middle English to cucina in europe (various countries had different spellings) eventually  to the word kitchen.

But why did ‘they’ decide to use one word, a word that means ‘to cook’ and not ‘the cooks room’ ?  If anyone has an answer let me know. I am the curious sort!