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Appliance Reviews…. From a Professional Kitchen Designer

A professional Kitchen designer and cook reviews appliance companies.

I spend any spare time I have updating my product knowledge about appliances. This is because every client/homeowner/cook is different.
They use appliances differently. While one cook might use all the bells and whistles that top appliances like Wolf/Sub Zero or Thermador have to offer, another would never want to use them. That is why you just can’t say that one product line is better than other. Better for whom? This is why knowing about all or most appliances and what is new this year, helps me help my customers (and you) how to choose the right appliances……. for you.

Oh Yes, I have my favorites…… but I am a “foody” and a chef and I do want certain things that I know will suit my cooking styles the best. (more on my favorites later) In subsequent posts (see categories list/appliance reviews for specific appliance company reviews as they come) I will be reviewing appliance companies and going over some of their pros and cons (to me).  I am also going to leave some brands out either because I do not have knowledge and experiences with them or I just don’t think they are worth the ink (sorry to those of you who don’t make my cut).  Remember, this is one of your first and (I think) most important decisions when remodeling or updating your kitchen. Choose your appliances first! Then build around them. After all….. could you cook in your kitchen without them?