LED Under cabinet Lighting

Here’s a great trick if you don’t have those built in lights under your kitchen cabinets to light your work space. They are stick on, LED under cabinet lights,  that are affordable and easy to “Do-It-Your-Self”.  In most older kitchens and even some new ones that were not done by a professional kitchen designer, the very useful under cabinet lights are missing. Or they have these ugly white plastic boxes that most of the time show and don’t really work very well. Right?  Well if your kitchen has this problem and you are not planning a remodel anytime soon, Continue reading LED Under cabinet Lighting

Briwax to Stain Kitchen Cabinets….DIY Quick Fix

Using Briwax to stain kitchen cabinets

is a good DIY technique to change the look of your kitchen with a small budget, or when you can’t afford a new kitchen design or remodel. I forgot all about this product when I did my previous articles on cabinet quick fixes.  This is a wax with a stain in it and can be used to darken stained cabinets. It works best if your cabinets do not have a shiny top coat especially one that is pealing or cracked. If not, this is a great product because you don’t have to do all the sanding that traditional refinishing requires. You will need to get Continue reading Briwax to Stain Kitchen Cabinets….DIY Quick Fix