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Use design boards in your kitchen remodel…. especially if you’re a DIY(er)

0151 Use design boards in your kitchen remodel.... especially if youre a DIY(er) Ok, so you have decided not to hire a professional to design your new kitchen. That’s OK, but please do me a favor and heed my advice.  Unless you’ve done this before successfully, without do-overs or mistakes…. use a designers technique to look at the big picture first! Get all your surface materials and paint colors together and lay them out on a neutral colored surface  and live with  it for a few days before you pull the trigger and order any of those items for your remodel. DSC 0257 Use design boards in your kitchen remodel.... especially if youre a DIY(er) You might be saying…” oh I know what I like “. Well, I’m sure you do and you probably have great taste most of the time,  but not everything in your closet goes with each other does it? You bought all those items because you like them, and they are most likely all very nice! However, that doesn’t mean that the brown and pink paisley shirt goes with the teal green striped skirt! They are both nice, but don’t work paired with each other, now do they? Continue reading

Unique lighting choices will give your kitchen a bold original new look!

crown jewel 21 Unique lighting choices will give your kitchen a bold original new look! These beautiful  retro pendant lights found at can really make your kitchen unique. Whether remodeling from scratch (demo-ing the whole space) or just wanting to change things up a bit, try to find lighting that speaks to you and not just the same old stuff from the big box stores! A row of these beauties or even just one in a key location will set your kitchen apart from the rest. While they are a bit more expensive than the big box stores, they will not set you back that much and will be a great…. Continue reading

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Should You Hire A Professional Kitchen Designer Or Should You Do It Yourself?

So you think  it’s time to remodel your kitchen? The kitchen design…… the form part….or how it looks, can be done by you, the homeowner if you are a creative, do it yourself type. And if you have done large remodel projects before, you have probably made some mistakes and learned what not to do again.

But many people don’t have both the creative and the technical know how to “do it yourself”  without the costly mistakes and headaches that come with a big remodel. This is where a kitchen designer can come in handy. To rely on your contractor, is an OK idea but in most cases, Continue reading

LED Under cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting1 294x300 LED Under cabinet Lighting

Here’s a great trick if you don’t have those built in lights under your kitchen cabinets to light your work space. They are stick on, LED under cabinet lights,  that are affordable and easy to “Do-It-Your-Self”.  In most older kitchens and even some new ones that were not done by a professional kitchen designer, the very useful under cabinet lights are missing. Or they have these ugly white plastic boxes that most of the time show and don’t really work very well. Right?  Well if your kitchen has this problem and you are not planning a remodel anytime soon, Continue reading