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LED Under Cabinet Lights-Product Review

Well, previously I wrote about a “do-it-yourself” stick on under cabinet light by Sylvania.  In the world of kitchen design, under cabinet lighting can be a simple, cool and relatively inexpensive treatment. However, with this particular product, I have since had some bad luck. The light source is very dim, even though it has 3 levels of light output, and is a pain to engage. It is motion sensored and you have to wave your hand past it, under the cabinet, until it turns on. It says wave over the sensor once for low, twice for medium and  three times for high light output, but with one wave of your hand it goes from high to low and you have to continue waving till you get it just right. It has a magnet which sticks on to the bottom of your wall cabinet, and then the magnet holds the light disc (puck style) in place. Or I should say supposed to keep it in place. It does not stay up. Continue reading LED Under Cabinet Lights-Product Review

Electrolux Appliances Review

Electrolux…… Oh how they have changed. It used to be that Electrolux appliances looked better than they performed. We used to call them the “sexy” appliance. They looked like they had all the bells and whistles but when it came time to use them, well let’s just say they left a lot to be desired. Not any more! The Electrolux line gave themselves a much needed overhaul a few years back and now I think they stand among the best of the mid range…. home cook….. type of appliances. They still have all the bells and whistles and look very “sexy” but these functions actually work well now. They do not have a huge variety of styles and levels in their line so deciding on the perfect model is easier than ever. Continue reading Electrolux Appliances Review

KitchenAid Review

Oh…. KitchenAid. What can I say?  I love these guys. While I think there are appliance companies that appeal more to the cheffy chefs across America and abroad, I think KitchenAid is a solid, good appliance for even home chefs who want some bells and whistles with a price point that fits in your oven mitt. They like to be on the cutting edge with new features like the Steam Assist Convection ovens offered in 48″, 36″ and 30″ duel fuel ranges and wall ovens alike. Until recently Continue reading KitchenAid Review

Dacor Review

Dacor appliances were founded in Northern California in 1965 when the Joseph family,  who owned and operated a small  local appliance store since 1933, decided to expand on their passion for cooking and invention. The  Josephs innovative thinking led to the invention of many of the industries “firsts” including the 1st 30″ convection oven, drop-in cooktop with continuous grates, indoor electric grill and most importantly the 1st  kitchen ventilation system. They also to my knowledge have the only 30″ dish washer to date. They are American made and family owned and for this I take my hat off to them. Keep the jobs here! Continue reading Dacor Review