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LED Under Cabinet Lights-Product Review

Well, previously I wrote about a “do-it-yourself” stick on under cabinet light by Sylvania.  In the world of kitchen design, under cabinet lighting can be a simple, cool and relatively inexpensive treatment. However, with this particular product, I have since had some bad luck. The light source is very dim, even though it has 3 levels of light output, and is a pain to engage. It is motion sensored and you have to wave your hand past it, under the cabinet, until it turns on. It says wave over the sensor once for low, twice for medium and  three times for high light output, but with one wave of your hand it goes from high to low and you have to continue waving till you get it just right. It has a magnet which sticks on to the bottom of your wall cabinet, and then the magnet holds the light disc (puck style) in place. Or I should say supposed to keep it in place. It does not stay up. Continue reading LED Under Cabinet Lights-Product Review

Change Your Cabinet Hardware….. Quick Fix


Do you hate your kitchen with a passion but just are not financially ready to remodel? Well I can help you with some quick fixes that will give your kitchen a face lift until you are ready to take that big plunge. Change your hardware…. It’s like changing your jewelry. Sometimes just changing your current cabinet hardware or adding some if your cabinets were built in the 80″s when they did not use them very often, can give your kitchen a new life. It is easiest if there are none to begin with because then you don’t have holes to match. Just make a template from the bottom of the upper doors and use it to mark the spot so each is lined up. Then for the lower cabinets Continue reading Change Your Cabinet Hardware….. Quick Fix