Change Your Cabinet Hardware….. Quick Fix


Do you hate your kitchen with a passion but just are not financially ready to remodel? Well I can help you with some quick fixes that will give your kitchen a face lift until you are ready to take that big plunge. Change your hardware…. It’s like changing your jewelry. Sometimes just changing your current cabinet hardware or adding some if your cabinets were built in the 80″s when they did not use them very often, can give your kitchen a new life. It is easiest if there are none to begin with because then you don’t have holes to match. Just make a template from the bottom of the upper doors and use it to mark the spot so each is lined up. Then for the lower cabinets or drawers, decide where they will look the best and do the same with a cardboard template.  If you are trying to cover existing holes, you’ll have to put them where the holes are ….of course; but if your cabinets don’t have any, then the sky is the limit. Think about function as well as aesthetics when you place them though. You don’t always want to bend down to grab to top drawer knob.

I like using knobs as opposed to handles because you can switch them out easily because  there is only one hole. With handles, there is no universal size or spacing between the holes so if you have handles now it will be a bit more of a challenge to replace but it is still very do-able. There are some handles that have only one center attach point (like a knob) and the handle. If you drill a new hole between the 2 existing holes, and install the handle, the handle will cover the 2 existing holes. Buy one handle and test this out before you go drilling more holes though. If you had knobs to begin with but they are just out of date, then Bob’s your uncle, it will be easy peasy for you to switch them out. The cost for new hardware can range from $2 ea. to $30 ea. or more (these are rare and you should plan to reuse them in your new kitchen when that time comes, so buy extra if they are hard to find, unique items).

You can go to your local hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes etc. or for more unique ones, try Cost Plus World Market, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Pier One and the like. Let your fingers do the research first. You can shop online at Pulls Direct and type in the style, type or brand of knob/pull you are looking for, in the search bar, and it will take you to all the knobs/pulls in that style.  You can also go to my “Product Links” tab to find where these and many more knobs can be purchased. Happy shopping!