No Wall Cabinets… A Great Look

Try leaving at least one wall in your kitchen with no wall cabinets.  It opens up your kitchen and makes it unique.

So your about to remodel your kitchen? Where do you start? Well as I said in an earlier article, start with the appliances then build from there. (see appliances 101) Once you have your appliances specified, where you at least know the sizes of each, you can start to think about style and layout. But how do you make your kitchen different from the Jones’? Try leaving at least one wall in your kitchen with no wall cabinets at all. If you have enough base storage, try no wall cabinets at all. It will set your kitchen apart from most everyone elses. It’s a great look!

When storage space is not a big issue, I say “cabinets… do not a kitchen make”. Use open shelves or a lot of windows to break it up. 90% of kitchens out there are all upper cabinets….. everywhere you look! Arrrgh! Yes storage is necessary, but if you have the room, base cabinets can work just as well even for plates and glasses. The kitchens I have done and I see out there that strike me the most are the ones with less wall cabinets with open shelves, art or windows in their stead. It gives some relief to your eyes. It makes it more airy and has a European feel. Try throwing in some floating shelves, a bakers rack, a wall hanging pot rack or if you are completely remodeling, add some more windows.

Crown Point Cabinetry
You can also just do this on one wall for a similar effect. This should leave at least one other wall for upper cabinets or a wall of cabinets as in some of the pictures seen here. You can use architectural salvage items to make some floating shelves or bring a  family heirloom hutch into the kitchen. The style of the cabinet may dictate the look of your kitchen so go with it. Use it as an inspiration and design with it in mind. I like a whole wall of cabinets with the appliances built in but just make sure that if you are putting the wall ovens and or refrigerator in this wall, that you have an island near by because it is advised to have a landing space near these appliances so the functional part of your kitchen is addressed. This is because when getting a few items out of the fridge, you need a place to put them without crossing the entire kitchen for a place to set them down. I know many times I have to remove a couple things just to get to the items in the back. With a near by counter, I can do this easily. Also with a wall oven, it is more a safety issue to have a counter close by, in case your mitt has a hole in it or just does not work that well, or the item you are removing is heavy.

If you don’t have room for a wall of cabinets and you don’t want any uppers, then make sure to find base cabinet space for glasses and plates (if not storing them on open shelves) and use drawers with interior storage elements like the peg system to keep plate and bowl stacks in place. For glassware, you can either store them on the open shelves upside down, or  ask your designer or consultant where to purchase  the organizers pictured below or try going to  to search yourself.