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Kitchen Storage and Prep Space Solutions… Quick Fix

Do you have one of those kitchens that doesn’t look all that bad….. but just doesn’t have enough storage or counter space? A complete remodel is not in your future but you have to do something to remedy this! Here are a few quick fix ideas that will help with your kitchen prep and storage issues in a hurry, at an affordable price tag and can really give your kitchen a new lease on life.

If your kitchen is an “L” or “U” shape but does not have an island, purchasing a furniture style rolling unit might be the option for you. I know…. your thinking “I don’t have room for an island”! Well, get out the measuring tape and think again. If you have at least 8′  between cabinets  in all directions you can fit a small rolling island like the one from Crate & Barrel above  for instance or maybe a butcher block table in the center. This type of kitchen was not designed with an island in the first place because there is not really enough room for a built in island. The minimum walkway space for a built in is 36″ but should be 42″ for the best fit. In the above model there will be only 36″ walkways  but if the island can be pushed aside to make room when needed then the 42″ rule is out the kitchen window! Rules are meant to be broken ….. right? If it will help you 90% of the time and maybe be in the way for 10% (but can be moved temporarily) then I think majority wins.

An island not only gives you storage but counter and prep space as well. Crate & Barrel even has an island that transforms to a dining table when you lift the wings that are folded down when not in use to save space. I love em! And mix it up. If your kitchen is white… try a black or brown rolling unit. If your kitchen is stained wood, then go for a white island or paint it a fun and funky color. Pottery Barn has some cool island storage pieces as well. Sometimes I think the kitchens with all the beautiful matching cabinets….. everywhere….. are stiff. Mix it up and let your personality shine through.

Maybe you have a wall that doesn’t have cabinets on it because it is in the walkway or on the end. This is an area to utilize by adding a tall 12″ deep bookcase used for tableware storage or your bake ware. Pull the colorful items from your kitchen and display them on these open shelves. Get some matching square baskets and line them up on one shelf and fill with napkins, kitchen towels or gadgets. Serving dishes look nice when displayed as well and they can take up so much room hidden away in your cabinets because they don’t always stack well. Display them! have fun!

If you are really lucky and you have an empty wall that can fit a 24″ deep cabinet, try an antique hutch. Use the base cabinet area for inside storage and the upper and counter area for display items or stacks of white dinnerware with flower vases and linens. I love this look. Or you can try a bakers rack. Old or new styles can be found everywhere and they are only about 15″ to 18″ deep on the base and less on the upper area. But if your not into antiques, try an old metal and glass apothecary cabinet (also old but can look more modern industrial). There are lots of creative ways to add storage to your kitchen without feeling like you have to buy all new cabinets when your current ones are just fine. (Don’t add to your carbon footprint if you don’t have to).