No Wall Cabinets… A Great Look

Try leaving at least one wall in your kitchen with no wall cabinets.  It opens up your kitchen and makes it unique.

So your about to remodel your kitchen? Where do you start? Well as I said in an earlier article, start with the appliances then build from there. (see appliances 101) Once you have your appliances specified, where you at least know the sizes of each, you can start to think about style and layout. But how do you make your kitchen different from the Jones’? Try leaving at least one wall in your kitchen with no wall cabinets at all. If you have enough base storage, try no wall cabinets at all. It will set your kitchen apart from most everyone elses. It’s a great look! Continue reading No Wall Cabinets… A Great Look

Change Your Cabinet Hardware….. Quick Fix


Do you hate your kitchen with a passion but just are not financially ready to remodel? Well I can help you with some quick fixes that will give your kitchen a face lift until you are ready to take that big plunge. Change your hardware…. It’s like changing your jewelry. Sometimes just changing your current cabinet hardware or adding some if your cabinets were built in the 80″s when they did not use them very often, can give your kitchen a new life. It is easiest if there are none to begin with because then you don’t have holes to match. Just make a template from the bottom of the upper doors and use it to mark the spot so each is lined up. Then for the lower cabinets Continue reading Change Your Cabinet Hardware….. Quick Fix

DIY Kitchen Remodel….but hire a design consultant first

Doing a complete remodel yourself will take a lot of patience, perseverance and knowledge. If you choose to go this route, it just might behoove you to at least hire a design/construction consultant (like me :-). Oh, you won’t have to give up any of the credit….. you can use your own designs…… but if you have a professional look over your ideas/plans (yes you need plans especially if you are doing it yourself) they can help you avoid costly mistakes from the start. Yes it will cost a little bit of money but in this scenario, don’t you think mistakes will cost even more? Continue reading DIY Kitchen Remodel….but hire a design consultant first

KitchenAid Review

Oh…. KitchenAid. What can I say?  I love these guys. While I think there are appliance companies that appeal more to the cheffy chefs across America and abroad, I think KitchenAid is a solid, good appliance for even home chefs who want some bells and whistles with a price point that fits in your oven mitt. They like to be on the cutting edge with new features like the Steam Assist Convection ovens offered in 48″, 36″ and 30″ duel fuel ranges and wall ovens alike. Until recently Continue reading KitchenAid Review